Tips to Build Learning Skills in Your Child

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The skills your child develops in a good CBSE school in Coimbatore do more than just help them get good grades. They’re known as life-long learning skills for a reason. These abilities are highly sought-after by employers and the professional world.

But there’s a catch: Not all kids can develop their learning skills due to poor motivation, academic pressure, and stress. As a parent, it’s your task to encourage your child to foster a love for learning so that they can excel in a good CBSE school in Coimbatore. Here’s how:

  • Build reading habits

A love for reading can develop into a love for learning. After all, books contain a wealth of knowledge, helping children grow their vocabulary, process complex concepts, and improve their communication skills.

Therefore, you must nurture a love for reading at home. Maybe you can read your child a bedtime story, allowing them to pick and read a book themselves as they grow older. In addition, encourage your kids to craft their own stories, letting their imaginations run free.

  • Find your child’s learning style.

If your little one is struggling at school, it doesn’t immediately mean that they have a learning disability. Rather, it could be that the school cannot meet their specific learning requirements.

There are seven fundamental learning styles: auditory, logical, physical, social, solitary, verbal, and visual. These “styles” refer to the method most effective for a child to absorb information. For instance, if your little one shows that they can digest information when it is heard rather than read, they could be an auditory learner. To nurture this skill, allow them to study using educational videos and encourage active listening in class.

  • Recognise burnout

There are children that perform impressively in school, but over time, they begin to lose interest. This phenomenon is known as academic burnout—a negative emotional or physical reaction to studying, leading to exhaustion, frustration, and lack of motivation.

How can you help your child through this troubling time? Your best option is to avoid adding pressure to their studies. If worse comes to worst, you can seek professional help and speak to your child’s school counsellor, finding ways to manage their stress.

But most of all, it’s best to let your child take control of their studies. Sometimes, burnout can be caused by grand expectations from peers, teachers, and family members.

So instead, help your child create reasonable, achievable goals for the school. Moreover, encourage them to spend time on activities outside of studying, such as going to the mall with friends or playing games.

  • Shift your focus

It can be tempting to constantly ask your child about their grades in biology class and check their report card obsessively. However, doing this will only increase pressure—you should be focusing on their learning experience, not their grades.

So, for example, when your child comes home from school, ask them, “What did you learn in science class today?” instead of, “Why didn’t you score better on your test?”

Thankfully, good CBSE schools in Coimbatore help take attention away from numbers and focus on overall performance by using a letter grading system for report cards.

  • Celebrate achievements

Don’t hesitate to tell your child that you’re proud of them for performing well in school. Even the smallest reward, such as praise or a sweet treat, will motivate your little one to do even better with the reassurance that they’ve got your support and that you’re invested in their success and well-being.

Furthermore, don’t give out harsh punishments whenever your child fails. Instead, let them know that they can try harder next time, providing concrete ways to improve their weaknesses, such as hiring a tutor or organising a study schedule.

Want your child to develop healthy learning habits? Send them to a good CBSE school in Coimbatore 2023-24 that provides quality teaching and educational facilities.



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