A Guide to Choose the Best ICSE Schools in Coimbatore

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Are you thinking of sending your children to the best ICSE schools in Coimbatore but don’t know how to choose the right institution? Here’s everything you need to know.

  1. What are the advantages of the best ICSE schools in Coimbatore over the other board schools?

If you compare ICSE schools with state board schools, you will see a major difference in terms of the learning approach they use. The ICSE curriculum is application-based while the state board curriculum is theory-based. Instead of rote learning or memorization, it focuses more on the comprehension and understanding of the topics.

  1. Will the school help your child in higher education?

The school’s capabilities to prepare your kid for the future is another important thing to consider. This is especially true for those kids who are soon to enter higher secondary education. In case your child is interested in pursuing a career in the fields of medicine or engineering, you may want to transfer to CBSE board school to prepare for entrance exams. But if your child will likely pursue language, arts, and management programs in college, then an ICSE board school may be a good option.

  1. What are the values taught in school?

Since children will be spending most of their time in school, it’s vital for parents to know what kinds of values the institution promotes. Most parents feel at ease knowing that ICSE schools uphold not only academic excellence but also good character.

  1. What are their academic and non-academic programs?

The best ICSE schools in Coimbatore offer plenty of opportunities for leadership development. They encourage students to participate in academic and non-academic competitions inside and outside the school to further hone skills that they can utilize in the future. They also help them discover and develop their passion for sports, arts, and other areas of interest.



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