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Vision and Mission: Coimbatore Top Schools CBSE

SSVM strives for excellence in teaching and learning

SSVM offers an exceptional education in a diverse Indian and International community. Inspired by our Indian environment and our inclusive Indian tradition, we develop visionary, eloquent and ethical learners equipped to attain their full potential in leadership and life.


To be at the leading edge in school education by developing individuals who will lead the future.


To delve, design and deliver the best school education programme that:

  • provides cutting-edge facilities for the students to be creative, skilled, flexible, tech-enabled and adaptable life-long learners to find their place in the complex and dynamic world;
  • facilitates the best learner-centred pedagogy with intellectually challenging academic practices in a conducive learning environment with close monitoring of the progress of each student;
  • helps flourish physical, social and emotional wellbeing and live a balanced, ethical and resilient life of servant leadership with finesse, passion and compassion;
  • develops culturally-rooted internationally-minded citizens with intercultural understanding and empathy;
  • affords global collaboration, exploration and innovation opportunities;
  • protects and safeguards the wellbeing, safety and security of all students, staff and the school community proactively.