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Powerful Tips to Improve Parenting Skills

Raising a child can be challenging, but it can become fulfilling when you know you have done your very best. While there’s no manual for parenting, the things you do can make a difference in your child’s mental and physical development. Plus, your parenting skills can affect your child’s performance in school and how they relate with others.


Your role as a parent starts as soon as your child is born, but you might want to keep rethinking and improving your parenting skills as your child grows. Before you send them to one of the best international schools in Coimbatore, you might want to know about these tips to improve yourself as a parent.


Build your child’s self-esteem.


Babies develop a sense of self as soon as they see and hear you, and they are likely to absorb and imitate everything they observe in you, even as they grow. Even your actions and words can greatly impact your child’s self-esteem and development.


Acknowledging and praising accomplishments, whether big or small, can help your child feel proud. Additionally, letting your child do things on their own encourages them to be independent, strong, and capable. By contrast, comparing your child with others or making belittling remarks can make them feel worthless and unworthy.


Try not to use your words as weapons and avoid loaded statements. Be compassionate and empathetic, and choose your words well. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, including you, but your child still needs to know you love and care for them, even when you don’t appreciate their behaviour.


Focus more on the good things.


How many times do you reprimand your child for doing something you think is wrong? Do you criticise more than give compliments?


Instead of focusing on the negatives, pay attention to the positive things your child does, no matter how small, like making their bed on their own and finishing their homework on time. This will encourage good behaviour in the long run. While you’re at it, generously reward your child with the right compliments and physical affection, such as hugs and kisses.


Stay consistent with discipline and set clear boundaries.


Discipline is not just taught in the best international schools in Coimbatore. It should start at home as a means to teach your child self-control and acceptable behaviours. Your child may test your limits, but you need to be stern and consistent, so you can help them become responsible adults.


Even simple house rules like no name-calling and hitting and no TV or smartphones, until you finish your homework, can make a difference in helping a child develop self-control and understand your expectations. Additionally, you may want to implement a system, like a warning, then follow up with a consequence, like loss of privileges or a time-out. Also, remember to follow through to maintain consistency.


Spend more time with your kids.


You might be a busy parent at work or doing chores at home, but constantly ignoring your kids and not being present can affect their mental health. However, you can make changes by joining them for breakfast or sitting with them for dinner. You can also set aside weekends or make a special night each week for your family. Additionally, make sure you’re available and listen when your child approaches you for help or support.


Be the ideal role model for your kids.


Kids, especially the younger ones, learn by observing their parents. So, the next time you lose your cool in front of your child, think about whether you want them to behave the same way when things don’t go their way. Remember that your kid is watching you—and constantly. According to studies, kids who hit others usually have an aggressive role model at home.



So, be a good role model that is friendly, respectful, kind, tolerant, generous, honest, and other traits you want your child to have. More importantly, treat your child the way you want other people to treat you.




These are just some things you can do to become a better parent for your child. You can also work with your child’s educators in school for advice in case you need help.


Choose the best school for your child.


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