Ways to Improve Listening Skills in Kids

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Listening is among the building blocks of learning. But it’s not enough for kids to simply hear. They must know how to actively listen to improve their communication skills in and out of the classroom. Active listening is a crucial soft skill that your kids can bring as they grow. Much like teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills, it can be acquired and developed but requires some patience and time to master.

If you’re looking to improve your children’s active listening skills, start by considering their learning environment. This is your cue to browse the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore list and find the most established and influential one with a track record of honing a young learner’s intellectual skills while providing a suitable and safe environment for physical development. This way, your kids’ holistic development is emphasised according to the CBSE curriculum.

That said, finding the right school for your kids is not enough. As a parent, you have a role to fulfil in improving your children’s listening skills, even at home.

Active listening means providing full attention to someone speaking to understand the message being conveyed. Kids who are active listeners show nonverbal and verbal signs of listening, such as questioning, remembering, head nods, smiling, avoiding distractions, posture, and positive reinforcement. Additionally, active listening encourages positive conversation by acknowledging another person’s point of view and being able to use your own words to repeat what was said.

Why is it important?

Kids who listen well can do better in school and have better relationships with their peers. Apart from improving comprehension in the classroom, active listening can help kids become efficient problem solvers and communicators. Active listeners also demonstrate commitment and good character, which are essential aspects of being a respectable leader.

  • Active listeners can also benefit in the following ways:
  • Work faster
  • Reduce misunderstandings that can lead to conflict
  • Better resourcefulness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased self-reliance

Help your kids improve their listening skills.

Take the time to explore the list of CBSE schools in Coimbatore and choose a conducive learning environment with supportive educators who encourage active listening skills. Additionally, you can model proper listening to your kids to show the importance of knowing how to listen well. Here are some tips to help you develop your child’s active listening skills:

Don’t interrupt your child when they are speaking.

Let them complete their thought or statement before responding. Don’t finish sentences for them or rush them to complete what they’re saying. Likewise, avoid assuming or guessing where their thoughts are heading, as this can negatively impact their ability to communicate effectively.

Maintain eye contact

Those who maintain eye contact are perceived as warm, honest, reliable, active, confident, and active. Additionally, focusing on the speaker can improve concentration, so you can understand the speaker more. Encourage your child to look you in the eye when talking or listening, so they can better comprehend what you’re saying.

Encourage kids to ask questions.

Show your kids that you’re actively listening by asking specific questions about what they’re telling you. This way, you can encourage them to clarify themselves and ensure understanding. Plus, it facilitates open conversation and helps them do the same when they need to clarify anything.

Play listening games

Most kids love games, and you can take advantage of this by playing a listening exercise. Tell them to close their eyes and play a sound, then ask them to describe what they heard. Or give them paper and drawing materials and ask them to listen and draw what they hear while you’re describing a scene. You can also squeeze some listening exercises into daily activities, like asking your kids to help you follow a dinner recipe.

Communicate well

Show you’re an active listener and your kids will mirror your behaviour. Give instructions clearly and slowly when you ask your kids to do chores or complete some tasks. Try making them do things one at a time so you don’t overwhelm them and cause them to lose attention.

Your kids’ school can help.

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