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Orientation on Healthy Food habits

We, at SSVM, believe that health education is the need of the hour and the younger we begin, the better. A thought-provoking talk titled “Your health is in your hands” was conducted by Ms Jaishree Kannan, on behalf of SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health & Reconnection to Animals and Nature).

Ms Jaishree Kannan is a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, Inner Child Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Psychologist, Social worker and Counsellor. Herself being a cancer survivor, she shared the transformational principles and practices that have changed her life, to inspire students of Classes IX to XII to recognize their magnificent self.

She explained the advantages of whole plant-based nutrition along with some cooking demo to make common favourite treats in a more healthy way. Students relished the smoothies and salads and promised to lead a healthier life for a better society in future.