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India’s International Movement to Unite Nations Conference 2019

The three-day Indian International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) Coimbatore Chapter Conference 2019, hosted by the SSVM Institutions, concluded with a formal closing ceremony on Sunday at MOSRIMAA Convention Centre, SSVM World School Campus. The event was graced by Mrs. Srisha Nitin, Director- Academics, SSVM Institutions and Mr. Nitin Jey, Director- Infrastructure, SSVM Institutions. Young and talented students from across the country attended the conference with great zeal and were enlightened by the guests’ closing remarks about the event.

The conference aimed at reiterating its demand of making India a permanent member in the UN Security Council. The student delegates were organized into various committees representing different countries wherein, they discussed issues plaguing their country and the world. After hours of intense debates and discussions, a resolution was passed by the young delegates that will later be forwarded to the IIMUN Substance team for further verification and would be sent to the UN.
The students were awarded with the Best Delegate, High Commendation and Special Mention prizes. The Best Delegation Trophy was awarded to SSVM INSTITUTIONS, METTUPALAYAM AND COIMBATORE. The IIMUN Coimbatore Chapter ended with a positive note of seeing India as a permanent member of the UN Security Council by the next IIMUN.