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Helmet Awareness Programme

An Awareness Orientation for the Parents on the importance of wearing helmets by both the rider and the pillion rider, was held at Mosrimaa Convention Centre at the behest of our Correspondent Ma’am , Secretary Sir, Joint Transport Commissioner Mr. Krishnamurthi,  Motor Vehicle Inspector  Mr. Saravanan, and from The Hindu Senior AGM  Mr. Muruganandham, ARGM Mr. Jegadesh, Asst   Manager  Mr. Amarnath.  A unique nationwide campaign called ‘Guardian on Road’   by Gulf Oil Lubricants had sponsored the distribution of helmets to the parents and children.

The RSP students displayed placards which emphasized the importance of wearing helmets at all times. A Pledge was taken by all the participants to wear helmets at all times and create awareness in the public. Children were advised to ensure that they always wear a helmet whenever they ride in a two wheeler and to ensure that their parents do so too. Our Correspondent ma’am, Secretary sir and the dignitaries ended the programme by presenting the helmets to RSP students.