How to Make Your Child a Fabulous Reader

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Reading is an essential skill your child should learn at a young age. It can help develop their critical thinking and creativity and encourage a love of learning. If your child is enrolled in one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore City, you may want to take steps to help them become an avid and excellent reader to keep up with their academics and excel in their performance. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Set a time to read

Limit screen time at home and schedule reading sessions with the family. It can be as short as 30 minutes to help your child gain awareness of reading conventions and enrich their vocabulary. After reading time, you can talk to your child about what they have read.

Set a good example

Children tend to emulate their parents, so show that you love to read, too. It may encourage your child to read the newspaper to keep up with current events or read their favourite novels. Try to give your child reading materials that they can be interested in, so they don’t associate reading with homework or think of it as a boring activity. Keep a variety of child-friendly reading materials in your home and ensure they are accessible to your child.

Encourage visits to the library.

Most students go online to find answers or do research. Tell your child to check out resources the old-fashioned way by going to the library. Good CBSE schools in Coimbatore have a well-equipped library to broaden minds and impart more knowledge to students. They feature exclusive collections of the best publications, magazines, journals, and books to help your child’s learning experience.

Organise activities that require reading

CBSE schools in Coimbatore City encourage activities that require students to read, such as reading a recipe to cook, reading directions to build or do something new, or going over a reference book to identify a plant or an insect. You can do the same at home, such as cooking a new recipe with your child, doing arts and crafts, playing a new board game, or building blocks or model kits.

Ask teachers to help.

Good CBSE schools in Coimbatore have fully trained and experienced educators who can support your child and encourage them to read more. They can also suggest appropriate reading materials for your child to enjoy at home.



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